life in halifax

HA18: On Rain

There are strange creatures living among us. We can find them in our schools, at our work, in our community leagues and out on the street. They vote and they shop and they breathe and speak and joke and think. They look just like us, but with one crucial difference:

These people like rain.

I am absolutely not one of these baffling beings. I view liquid precipitation as any other real, rational human should: with deep, intense distaste coupled with extreme avoidance.

Or, well, I used to avoid it. And then I got the bright idea to move to Halifax.


Luckily, this summer has been overwhelmingly warm and sunny. Perfect Meagan weather! Until:

Today is (already!) the last day of class for my first semester at Dal. Apparently the sky doesn’t think this is worth celebrating, because it started spitting on me as soon as I stepped outside this morning. Halfway to campus, when it was too late to turn back for an umbrella, the sky decided spitting wasn’t enough and started overturning buckets.

This morning, I was expecting to feel mildly triumphant. Instead, I feel like a drowned rat.

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