Who Am I?

In an alternate universe: My name is Candace, I have dyed blond hair, I am an avid women’s soccer fan, and I have been walking around with a vague sense of not quite fitting my name. I peaked in high school upon winning “Most Likely to Invent A New Hairstyle” and now work a dead-end job in the transportation industry. Thank the five leaders of the post-apocalyptic Earth, this is not that world.


In this universe, my mom took one look at me and said, “She is not a Candace.” Luckily, the second name on the list was Meagan, which is what I have been known as ever since.

I grew up reading whatever books I could get my hands on (preferably fantasy or sci-fi) and dreaming of the day my name would grace the cover of my very own published novel. I have a deep-founded passion for any sort of digital marketing, and I am currently attending the CRMBA program at Dalhousie.

Particular interests include but are not at all limited to: dragons, time travel, family trees, awesome ladies, social media, nail art, marketing, coffee shops, irish dance, artificial intelligences, collaborations, superheroes, selfies, beaches, pigtails, scented candles, and writing writing writing writing writing.

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