Frequently Asked

What kind of stories do you write? 

Anything that is in some way divorced from reality. Writing is, for me, a journey to places I would otherwise never be able to go because the realities of those worlds literally do not exist. I love urban fantasy in particular.

My main work in progress right now is about estranged sisters trapped in the wrong world who are forced to work together in order to save someone also from their own universe. There is steampunk and robots and a touch of magic.

Will you share any of your writing? 

You can check out a couple of my short stories here on my site. I hope to have more up at some point, too!

I don’t like to post things that are not finished and, for obvious reasons involving future publish-ability, I don’t intend to post any of my novel-length pieces online. That said, it never hurts to ask. You never know what you may get.

What does HA stand for? 

Halifax Adventure! Specifically, it means that that particular blog post entry in some way relates to my time in Halifax as I work to complete the CRMBA program at Dalhousie.

Did you really almost get named Candace? Really?

I know, right? I have nothing against the name itself, but it is so not me. Yes, that is indeed a true story, and what a narrow escape that was.