life in halifax

Halifax Adventure #9: First Day in Halifax!

I moved into my apartment bright and early this morning, which I believe means I can officially call myself a Halifax resident! *cheers*


The weather here is gorgeous. I have unpacked a majority of my things, toured my dad around the Dalhousie campus, and tried out the nearest rooftop patio pub. I also realized just today that the homemade knit scarf I brought along with me actually matches the Dalhousie colours.

There is only one point which leaves me dissatisfied: I have to wait an entire weekend before the program actually begins???

I suppose, in the meantime, I shall brush up on my ice breaker skills. Like two truths and a lie:

1) The only long-term injury I sustained from ten years of Irish dance was caused by a fall only months before I planned to retire.
2) At the job where I was known as “Tall Meagan,” I would remind coworkers that I was actually the second shortest person in my immediate family.
3) When I was in elementary, my parents had to create a “one-book-a-day” rule, which I circumvented by swapping dust jackets.

Ice breakers always terrified me when I was younger — a product, I suppose, of my social anxiety. I’m taking it as an excellent sign that I’m not nervous in the slightest about meeting everyone else on Monday. Maybe it’s because I’ve already gotten a peek at my fellow MBA students through Facebook. Maybe it’s because I already met a couple others at the Meet the MBA Day I attended a couple months ago. Or maybe it’s because I’m just so extremely excited for this program that my usual fears are overwhelmed.


Who knows? I’m just gonna revel in the feeling and count down the days.

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