life in halifax

Halifax Adventure #8: Success!




Yes, that’s right!


Almost exactly 5,000km from Edmonton, I have arrived at my destination. According to Siri. I actually have no idea where I am right now; it is dark and hotels all begin to run together after a week’s worth of road tripping.


A whole week! And yet, according to Google, we should have been able to make the entire distance in only 48 hours. Silly Siri, you’ve forgotten again about the human need to recharge batteries in a process known as “sleeping.”

Sleeeeeepy humans.

All joking about our future AI overlords aside, this entire road trip has been amazing and long and beautiful and eye-opening and also long. I would totally recommend crossing the continent at some point in your life. I would also say this is not a trip that has to be done moreΒ than once… unless you actually need to transport your vehicle. Which I suppose I will probably have to do in about 2 years from now. Oh. (Maaaybe should have thought of that sooner…)

Tune in tomorrow to hear about my exciting adventures in ~unpacking~.

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