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Halifax Adventure #3: And… Action!

The drive starts off with me explaining to Dad how a blog’s call-to-action works, because I am a social media marketer at heart. “Asking a question is a more subtle form,” I tell him, “because people don’t know you’re really asking them to leave a comment by doing so.” Except, of course, now you do. Isn’t my blog so educational?

Most call-to-actions that you find in marketing content are more blatant than a mere question. Follow! Try! Sign up! Click! Buy! Watch! Do! That’s not a bad thing; if you want to inspire action once the reader has finished your blog post, the best way is to outright tell them what you want. (You also want to tell them why this also something they want, otherwise merely pointing out that they can buy something is not guarantee that they actually will.)

Likewise, today’s drive was peppered with quick commands: Stop! Watch! Pass! Turn! Pull over! I promise, our driving is not nearly as bad as those commands make it sound. There was only one incident involving a merging lane, and the truck did not hit us. (Mom, I promise, we are fine.)

Along the way, we grooved to my dad’s music, drank several coffees of varying qualities, stopped for lunch in the absolutely gorgeous town Kenora, and played tourists at Kakabeka Falls before finally pulling into Thunder Bay.


Over the past two days, I have driven across four provinces. Tomorrow, apparently, all ten hours on the road will be spent traveling to the other end of Ontario. At least the scenery is absolutely gorgeous!


I’ll close off with one last call-to-action for you. If you’re interested in getting a notification for future posts, click the “Follow” button down below!

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