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Halifax Adventure #4: Welcome to Ontario

The rocks tower precariously on either side of the road. The trees stand proud but whisper behind your back. And the road goes ever on and on… and on… and on…

Welcome… to Ontario.

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Also we totally listened to Night Vale all morning today.

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As anyone who has heard the podcast before may already have guessed, we played Night Vale all through the morning half of our drive. There is something oddly fitting about listening to Cecil detail the strange events of the Night Vale community in his hypnotically soothing voice, all while driving through scenery that is constantly changing yet always somehow the same. It feels, in a way, as though we are getting nowhere at all. The odometer ticks upward and the gas meter swings lower and the sun gradually and relentlessly climbs overhead. The land rises and dips and twists and loops and, to the right, falls into a lake that looks more like an ocean.

The water doesn’t end. Neither does the road.

When we stop for lunch, the wind howls a protest (“turn back, turn baaack”) and photo-bombs my selfie. Rude.


Speaking of wind, I take you now to the weather:

Eventually, however, the rolling land does begin to steady. Houses begin to dot the road-side and towns become more frequent. In the left-side mirror I catch a brilliant flare of fire-red as the sun shouts one last hurrah. The highway widens to two lanes, then pulls us into a final turn down below the overpass and into Sudbury. We park the car outside the hotel, tired but satisfied.


Tomorrow, the drive shall be shorter. Six hours, as Dad reminded me, is the same as driving from Edmonton to Calgary and back. I reminded him in turn that it is just over half of today’s drive and therefore much more reasonable, really. Then our discussion turned to looking forward to actually having a chance to walk around for a while which, after being stuck in a car for three days, is almost more exciting than the fact that we will be moving around in our nation’s capital.

But that, readers, is tomorrow’s adventure. For now, I bid you all adieu and wish you pleasant dreams.

Goodnight, dear readers. Goodnight.

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