life in halifax

HA16: It starts with an A

Apparently, business is in my blood. Dad has always tried to convince me that its particular strain was Accounting.

When I was just on the cusp of beginning high school, I accompanied him to some University of Alberta alumni event. Afterwards, as we walked across the campus, Dad looked at me.

“So, do you think you’ll want to attend the business faculty here?”

It had always been in the back of my mind to attend the University of Alberta, and I told him so.

My dad continued, in his sly way, “I bet I know what you’ll want to do.”


“I bet it starts with an A,” said my father the accountant.

And I smiled with all my teeth and said, “Yes. I want to go into advertising.”

And look how far I have come. I did indeed attend the University of Alberta, and I did indeed receive a BComm in Marketing from the Faculty of Business. I even went through and took two Social Media Marketing citations to further my expertise in my chosen career path.

And yet, somehow, here I am in Halifax doing an MBA program and dedicating my weekend to studying… accounting.

I am never going to escape it, am I?

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