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Getting Back At It

It is HARD to get back into writing. Doesn’t matter whether you stopped working on your school paper for an hour of Youtube videos, set aside your novel to marathon a Netflix show, or forgot to update your blog because you were busy with school; stopping is infinitely easier than getting back at it.

That’s true of anything, I think. Stop exercising for two weeks? So hard to find the motivation to go for a run the next day. Take a break halfway through cleaning the house? You probably won’t get around to finishing for another week.

A regular habit creates momentum. Lose that momentum for whatever reason, and… blah.

you can see how well this scene is going.

Here’s the messy truth of the matter: when an important relationship came to an abrupt end last year, it sucked a lot of my writing motivation away. And, okay, it was also easy to blame writing irregularities on the fact that I was back in school or home visiting family or moving to Ontario or starting my work residency… UntilĀ I looked up and had free evenings for the first time in months and realized I could get back into a proper, daily writing habit.

To which I say again: IT IS HARD to get back into writing.
giphy (1)


Look around! It’s almost the end of April! And I’m still struggling to make writing a daily habit again!

With all this in mind, I’m going to launch myself back into blogging for a number of reasons, like:

  • accountability to others, and
  • less internal pressure, not to mention
  • shorter pieces, as well as
  • a variety of fun, random topics to choose from.

So follow along as I ramble about who-knows-what. Feel free to comment (that’ll help keep me motivated to stay at this) or ask questions (so I can write overly complicated answers). Or just lurk silently. That’s cool, too.

Until next time (whenever that may be (hopefully hopefully soon))!

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