life in halifax

HA 14: Happy Canada Day!

I’m feeling quite Canadian this week, and if it isn’t the perfect day for that. To celebrate our national holiday, let’s start with two incredibly Canadian songs.

Chris and Dave Hadfield’s In Canada:


Classified’s Oh… Canada:


So why am I feeling Canadian? That’s just something that comes from attending business school on the opposite side of a country from where I’ve grown up, I suppose. Technically, I learned about Canadian business practices back in Edmonton during my BComm, but there’s something different about having case studies focused on Eastern Canada that really emphasizes how large and diverse and special our country really is.

Not to mention, in the last three weeks, I have:

  • toured Parliament Hill in Ottawa
  • listened to countless talks by Canadian employers about Canadian businesses
  • sat through my first Corporate Responsibility, Ethics, and Society lecture on the workings and organization of the Canadian government
  • reviewed a case study focused on the impacts of off-shore oil drilling on the Canadian fishing industry

Not to mention the odd feeling that comes from living so far from home but still seeing the Canadian flag everywhere.


What a large and beautiful country we have here. Oh Canada, indeed. ❤



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