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HA#11: Introducing…

Hello, hello! Today has been a day of introductions. From the instant I walked through the doors of the business building, I have been meeting people both new and familiar. Some, I already knew from the Meet the MBA Day back in March; there was a sense of triumph in seeing each other and knowing we’d all made it through the various admissions hoops. Others, I recognized from the Facebook group; pictures, names, comments, and likes suddenly turned into three-dimensional living, breathing fellow MBA candidates. Then there were the program’s faculty members, the admin staff, the alumni and second years, even a few potential employers. So many names and faces, so many handshakes and stories and connections. And underneath it all, a common sense of anticipation for the next two years.

This is going to be such an incredible adventure.

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Ready for the day to begin! #crmba #dal

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For actual official introductions, we did a relatively simple exercise of writing our name on a piece of paper and then launching it across the room. Whoever received our airplane became our interviewer, and later got to introduce us all to the class. It was quite fun, and meant we all were able to get a sense of our fellow candidates: where everyone came from, what previous degrees they had come from, some fun facts, and how good they were at making/throwing paper airplanes.

My fun fact, if you’re wondering, was that I have completed a 50,000 word novel in a month. I did not say that I have actually done this three times.

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There were also talks. So many talks! It would be impossible to summarize all we heard and learned today, because every single panel was stuffed full of good advice. One of the best parts for me, though, was the Employer Partner and Current Student Panel. We were able to hear from a number of employers and current students on their experiences with the corporate residency aspect of the MBA program. And if there was one take-away from their talk?

CRMBA Employers Look For:

  1. Ethics
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Personality

What sort of personality traits?

  • Professionalism
  • Authenticity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Passion and engagement
  • Humble confidence
  • Ability to embrace complexity and ambiguity

Incredible to realize there is really only a month to go before we already start looking through the employers and initial job opportunities, and only two months before we hit the ~scary~ interview week. How fast that time will fly! I keep thinking about how only six months ago, I barely had an inkling this program existed. And now look at where I am! Unbelievable.

To any of my fellow MBA candidates who happen to be reading this (I know now for a fact that there are some! How exciting!), hello again! I am so looking forward to our upcoming bonding-through-trauma experience during this Summer “Bootcamp” Semester.

I started the day with a cup of tea, and now I’m ending it with a lovely glass of wine. Cheers to all of you reading this at home, whether that is back in Edmonton or here in a new space in Halifax!

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