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Halifax Adventure #6: Où est la… Quebec??

I do not have an ear for languages. One might think that, as a wordsmith, I would have an incredibly easy time understanding the mechanics of French. This is not the case. Nine years of French in school and the best I can ask is “Où est la bibliotheque?” …which isn’t all that helpful when I’m not actually looking for a library.

And yet here I am in the heart of Quebec City. Despite the fact that my dad has just as much trouble with languages as I do, we were able to successfully navigate along the Trans-Canada highway even after it became the Route Transcanadienne. At our Tim Hortons stop, we were even able to ask for donuts (Creme Boston)!


…It’s the little successes that make you feel the most accomplished.

Before our drive, however, Dad and I visited the Musee canadien de l’histoire (aka the Canadian Museum of History).


Turns out the current major exhibit there is on early Native American life… on the West Coast of Canada. Dad and I looked at each other: “We drove four days to learn about where we came from!?” All the same, the exhibit was fascinating, informative, and very well put together. We also got to see the Canadian Stamp Collection (in a timeline format! I LOVE timelines!!) and an exhibit on gold!

And then we drove to Quebec City.

Tomorrow will be the first day on this trip that we don’t have to drive anywhere, hurrah! Dad and I plan to do as much sightseeing as possible in our day off. Hopefully we will be able to work with and/or around the language barrier!

Until then, au revoir!


5 thoughts on “Halifax Adventure #6: Où est la… Quebec??”

  1. Coucou mon ami! Cette adventure est tres adorable! Je dois dire que je suis jalouse, parce que je toujours veux a vivre dans Canada francais! J’ai une idee que je vais habiter la’, peut-etre dans trois ans? Je sais pas lol. On va voir.

    Bon chance cherie!

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    1. Thank goodness for google translate or I would never have been able to read that, hahaha. I wish I could understand French better. Quebec is absolutely gorgeous and I totally recommend seeing it sometime!


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