Some Thoughts: On Schooling, Social Media, and Beginning a Career

Last night as I lay in bed I thought: What cruel irony that I sacrificed a degree in English and Creative Writing in order to take Business and Marketing because it would better serve me in building a career, only to be told now that the types of social media/content jobs I most want in Marketing are usually filled by people with a Communications degree instead.

This morning as I lay in bed I thought: Maybe it’s time to look into writing courses again, because it couldn’t hurt to learn about something I love while searching for a career-starting job.

And I found out by chance that there’s a Social Media Marketing citation offered through the Faculty of Extension, with two courses starting next week. So this afternoon I thought: No such thing as coincidence.

Now I think: How funny it is that these little moments of despair can lead so directly to productive avenues that might otherwise not even be noticed.

I am also thinking: How exciting to actually take classes devoted to social media marketing instead of starving for the bread crumbs dropped in occasional marketing lectures over the course of my BComm. This, this, THIS is what I find most fascinating about Marketing. THIS is what I want to explore over the course of my career. THIS is what I want to do with my life. 

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