Who Am I?

In an alternate universe: My name is Candace, I have dyed blond hair, I am an avid women’s soccer fan, and I have been walking around with a vague sense of not quite fitting my name. I peaked in high school upon winning “Most Likely to Invent A New Hairstyle” and now work a dead-end job in the transportation industry. Thank the five leaders of the post-apocalyptic Earth, this is not that world.

In this universe, my mom took one look at me and said, “She is not a Candace.” Luckily, the second name on the list was Meagan, which is what I have been known as ever since. I grew up reading whatever books I could get my hands on (preferably fantasy or sci-fi) and dreaming of the day my name would grace the cover of my very own published novel.

Particular interests include but are not at all limited to: dragons, time travel, family trees, awesome ladies, social media, nail art, coffee shops, irish dance, artificial intelligences, collaborations, superheroes, selfies, beaches, pigtails, scented candles, and writing writing writing writing writing.

And now I have a super shiny brand-new blog! Follow along to learn more about my exploits, such as they are. You’ll be rewarded with stupid jokes, emotional ramblings about fictional characters, complicated story-plotting charts, and the occasional piece of actual decent writing. Or so I hope. It’s a new venture, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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